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photo bébé belgique, nouveau ne belgique, bruxelles

The session can take place at my cosy home studio in Forville, province of Namur,

your place, or outdoors location. We moved out of Brussels for a private home in a

calm area which is only 45 min drive from Brussels and 20 min from Namur.

A photo session can take place anywhere in Brussels, Brussels capital, Fernelmont

and surrounding areas like La Hulpe, Tervuren, Genval, Waterloo, Overijse, Namur,

Leuven, Forville, Eghezée etc.

I am open to your suggestions and any location for the session

can be considered : city, parks, nature, your garden, etc.  


Upon request I can come with mini studio

and baby accessories to your home.



Prior booking the session we will communicate on the telephone,

email or in person to discuss your wishes and expectations so

that in result you have beautiful photos and best memories. Trust that we don’t take that responsibility lightly. That’s why we take the time to meticulously customize each session according to your unique preferences and requests. Our goal is to create timeless images you'll love now and forever.



Photos done in the stress-free and comfortable environment of

my home studio or your home will be much more personal

and impressive than those that are proposed to do

at the 'factory' in the hospital. 


The best time to photograph a newborn baby is when they are under two weeks of age, ideally around 7-10 days.

My advice is to contact me at any time during your pregnancy to make a reservation and be sure to have a spot. I note your estimated due date and assure my availability. When you give birth, you contact me by sms or email and we arrange the exact date of your session. 

Newborn sessions can take 2-4 hours, depending on how baby settles and allowing enough time for feeding and comforting.

After two weeks babies are a much harder to settle, more sensitive to touch during posing and thus session lasts longer with no guarantee of beautiful poses achieved. Things like colic and baby acne can start to flare up and it will be seen on photos.


Your baby is born already and you haven't thought of photos before? No stress - we could still find a a way to memorize your little one.  Up to 6 weeks of age, I would suggest a mini newborn session for the reasons mentioned above. Or we would discuss what suits better and do a baby session from 3 months.

For the NEWBORN and BABY in studio sessions I will prepare only hand made accessories and outfits, wraps, headbands, baskets, etc. Studio is rich and has hundreds of items to choose from. The preferences of color or style we will discuss during pre-session phone call. You are welcome to bring your outfits as well especially if there is some family tradition, things transferred over generations or in other way important for you. 

For parents photos, think of coordinating your clothes, neutrals are the best, and have an extra change of clothes.





This photo session is done for all the babies between 3 and 12 months. It will capture other interesting stages of your baby's development: around 3-4 months when he well keeps the head up while lying on the tummy; around 7-8 months, when he sits without help but doesn't crawl yet, and the first birthday. Sessions last 45 min, max 1.5h, as baby gets tired very quickly.


Photo session of your choice on location or your home (lifestyle) or in park Josaphat. The best to photograph is when you have a belly already showing, but not yet too heavy or uncomfortable physically, around 30-35 weeks.  




The session of your choice. The duration and location depending on your idea and wishes. 


Lifestyle session of newborn or family would be done at your place, natural light. No posing of baby or special accessories brought by photographer. Just pure emotion of the moment. 

Please choose the time in a day when children are full of energy and they do not need time to sleep. And have some snacks and drinks as childred get hungry during the session. Coordinating family clothes and having an extra change of clothes is useful too.



In our agreed time, usually 1-2 weeks,  we will meet to make a selection of images and place the order of photography products. The order will be ready in 4-6 weeks


Now we offer professional quality prints- handmade albums, photo boxes and wall art - photoblocks, wall compositions or acrylics as well as beautiful framed art pieces.

Dicover more about experience with Dew Dream Photography


Examples and pricing are available in the studio, please contact for more info or let's meet in person to discuss about your needs and possible solutions.


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