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Documentary or lifestyle photo session

Family meeting, Christening, Birthday party, First days of the baby or an afternoon to remember the life in Belgium - those are perfect occasions for a documentary lifestyle family photo session.

We look for the emotion, the beauty of the moment, the connection and interaction - capturing “in-the-moment” snapshots of your life. Differently from the portrait photo session, the documentary session aims to tell the story instead of having a perfect portrait.

For your information - the documentary photos are also professionally edited, correcting exposure, crop, general colour. Portrait photos though are much more enhanced, giving artistic touch and correcting skin flaws. Good news - our packages include both types of photos !

In any case the purpose is to create memories your family desires, we discuss about your photo session on the phone and thus define what suits you the best!

Take a look at this beautiful family who wanted to remember their happy life in Brussels :)

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